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True Love Grow Stronger Everyday, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.

True Love Grow Stronger Everyday, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.

Ragged & Rustic vintage wedding’s always come with textures, natural organics (think of bark and trees), patterns, lace and other details that could transform a venue to a vintage ballroom.

This wedding filled with rustic charm and lots of personal touches. We blend with burlap, lace & natural wooden log and also handmade box to enhance the rustic garden charm.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, has an exclusive grand ballroom to hold a wedding reception, as it has the ample amount of space for us to add in a touch of ragged, rustic and vintage ambience to it.

With all the space we have we go for lots of handmade & DIY. From the wooden sign, key’s idea place card stand, customized door gifts and customized petals cone.

It is a perfect day to hold a garden ceremony. The sun is shining bright, the wind is blowing mildly and all their loved ones is cheering and blessing the couple with love.

May the love of Sean & Kiko be like good whisky, grow stronger and stronger each day.

Ceremony & Reception Venue : Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang. Malaysia

Wedding Planning & Coordination by : Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Theme & Styling by : Casa Amore Wedding Studio

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