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St Giles The Wembley Wedding of Troy and Jane

Story of Troy Lin & Jane Goh

We are two parallel lines that converged at infinity.

In 2009, two very different lines met at the National University of Singapore.
I was just a Malaysian small-town girl, living in the US. He was just a city boy, born and raised in Singapore.

The story that followed is familiar to our family:
we grew up to wear business suits, our hairstyle conformed to professional standards,
and we started talking business. Then we both graduated in the worst hiring drought in 2012.
We both joined KPMG, Troy in Singapore, I was in Kuala Lumpur.
Some time later, I returned to Penang and joined my parents in the steel industry,
and Troy found his place in the Singapore banking industry.
The two lines diverged, seemingly never to converge again.

But, the world is a huge place, with a huge population, and a huge number of coincidences.
Early 2017, a university friend was visiting Singapore from the US.
We had not spoken in a long while,
flying over from Malaysia just for a coffee meet seemed a bit much,
but for some reason, that weekend I did not think much of it, let’s meet up!
I thought. That same weekend, Troy was in Singapore, I was in Singapore.
The two lines converged once again.

Looking back, it was not mere coincidence, more of destiny.

我们 是两条平行线,在命运的驱使下,走到了一起。

2009年 在美国度过了8年,我回到了亚洲
那年一月,我在新加坡国立大学上了学生生涯最难的必修课-会计 。
而那年一月,Troy 他也是会计生。一个从小到大在新加坡长大的城市男孩子,
一个从马来西亚乡村到美国小城的女孩子,在新加坡,两条平行线有了第一个交汇点 。

我们穿着也不再那么的特异,我们开始说business talk,然后我们都在正逢经济最差的2012年毕业。



Love, Jane

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