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Vibrant Love, Melissa & Bjorn

Melissa & Bjorn told us about their love of autumn colours. Their plan is to be married outside surrounded by her favourite coloured flowers, earthy and autumn inspired details and of course with the presence of her loved ones.

This lovely couple decided to have their wedding reception outdoor. Weather is the key point for outdoor wedding. Luckily, that day was filled with shinny bright sun. This works just right with the autumn theme. It enhances the ambience by bringing more richness and vibrant to the setting. The warm colours  portrays the perfect vibrance earthy mood.

The plants and trees provides a spectacular contrast to the fresh crisp weather and vibrant. It makes the whole autumn earthy like setting more outstanding.

Deep, vibrant and earthy colours perfectly compliment the Autumn season. Using the seasonal colors as a template and incorporating multiple dusty gold shades, we created the perfect design for a earthy & vibrant autumn wedding.

To bring in additional light to the earthy shade, we enhance the ceiling with tulle & fairy lights.

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Planning & Coordination by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography & Cinematography by Affeto Photo Studio

Floral Design by Ohara Florist

Blue Revival, Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

A heart is used to symbolize the emotion of love. Humans have long associated the feeling of love with their heart. The organ used to pump blood around the body. The symbol for love and valentine is a heart. A blue heart can symbolize a deep and stable love, like the love of our lovely couple, You Yan & Siang Yeong.

It was fun working with this couple. They are just so adorable and spontaneous. Without any second thoughts, they quickly engage us to design their big wedding day. They engaged us to design the guest table and guest seating plan. They pay the top priority to their guest. They want their guests to enjoy themselves during the wedding. They want to have everything nicely and neatly arranged for their guest, for example, like the seating. It can be quite fuss to arrange guest seating plan, but that is so nice of You Yan & Siang Yeong that they have put extra effort in organizing it and make sure everyone is comfortable with their seating table allocation. They would like to have the wedding as memorable, comfortable, and fun for their guests as possible.They would like to have the wedding as memorable, comfortable, and fun for their guests as possible.

As for the theme of the design, obviously, blue is the main colour and the main theme of the whole wedding design and decor. Different shades of blue and element has been applied into the design, from the graphic design, guest table design, venue setting design to the choice of flowers.  A little touch of creamy white colour has helped to light up the whole wedding design. Blue vases and bottles has been used to hold the beautiful hydrangea, creamy white roses and baby’s breath. Creamy white candles has been decorated with blue ribbons. Beautiful white and blue paper lanterns is dangling from the tent. The wedding is all about the colour of blue and the love and union of You Yan & Siang Yeong.

Classical Pink & Lilac, Sean & Lay See

Tradition leads many couples to choose churches, reception halls or hotels for their weddings. Sean & Lay See decided to hold their wedding in one of the most significant and historical building in Penang. We have always enjoy planning an event when a couple prefers an off-the-beaten-path location or one with historic character. The history of the building only needs a little touch to make the overall ambience of the wedding venue a perfect one.

When the wedding date is approaching, all eyes were on the sky. We had heard reports of severe weather for the wedding day. Just to make sure everybody doesn’t soak in wet, we proposed to set up a tent for the wedding ceremony. Our confidence grew as the tent is up, one less and the most important issue to be worried about.

Under the tent, there is our wedding decor. As the building itself already has a very strong historical feeling, Sean & Lay See decided to keep the decoration simple. Incorporating the favourite colours of the couple, pink and lilac with the building and the greenery surrounding of the building. The colour choice of pink and lilac plays a perfect balance with the green surrounding. It helps to lighten up the whole wedding decor. Different shades of pink and lilac flowers plays the best combination.

Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Decoration & Flora by Ohara Florist

Wedding Photography by ckvin studio

Cinematography by Motion In Style Cinematography

Makeup & Styling by Angela Kang

Fabulous Dusty Gold & Pink, Jessica & Simon

What do you get when you combine dusty gold and pink? A wonderfully combination colour. The elegant classy of gold balances up the sweetness of the colour pink. It is just like Jessica & Simon. A perfect lovely couple that balances up each other. A perfect match.

Today’s colour inspiration is a very feminine, pink affair & sweet sense. We have chosen creamy pink as a base colour and mixed it with shades of peach, lilac and taupe. The inspiration just mixed with a touch of sparkle and voila!

The combination of dreamy pink and dusty gold just help oozes up the vintage appeal of the wedding design and decor. The setting is so dreamy and creates images of dreamy pale pink with slightly shimmering float around in my head. These elements helps to brighten the garden setting of Lone Pine Hotel.

Different colour shades of pink and creamy coloured flowers adds a feminine touch into the vintage and rustic setting.

All beautifully captured by Calvin Ng Ckvin Studio, Penang

Wedding Theme & Styling by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Planning & Coordination by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography by Ckvin Studio

Bridal Makeup & Styling by Cindi Lim Professional Makeup

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Lovely Pink Charms, Sawee & Felix

Sawee & Felix’s cheerful, lighthearted palette included the hues found in the wedding design and setting as well a dessert table that is full with yummy desserts and sweets.

For the bride’s bridal bouquet, the bride wanted to express her sense of simplicity. She decided to use only one type of flower and also one colour for her bridal bouquet design. The flowers are wrapped together and finished the bouquet with creamy white ribbon. They were the perfect compliment to the bride’s satin wedding dress.

There was also nothing very fancy for the wedding venue design. Mostly, only two types of colour and flower has been used, it was hydrangea and baby’s breath. A wedding design that expresses the couple’s fond of simplicity.

A dessert table was prepared for the guests to enjoy themselves with beautifully decorated desserts and candies. A various choice of desserts has been offered for the guests. There were also many choices sweets and candies prepared.

There was also a photobooth corner for the guests to record down this beautiful moment of the union of Sawee & Felix. This wedding is filled with love and laughter.

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