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Lovely Vintage Rustic Charm, Ling & Aaron

The bride and groom adore the vintage rustic charm. As we dove into conversations, Ling & Aaron would like to combine the rustic theme with a pastel colour palette. Well, no doubt, this combination does turned out looking very compatible. The colour combination with the rustic element is a perfect match.

A rustic and ragged wedding theme, always come with textures, patterns, lace and natural organics, like think bark, wood logs and trees. Not to forget, the star of rustic themed wedding, baby’s breath. This is one of the main flower that can not be missed in a rustic wedding.

This lovely couple’s wedding was filled to the brim of rustic charm and lots of personal touches. In terms of the decoration details, we blend with burlap, lace with natural wooden logs.

We go for lots of handmade and DIY element into the wedding design. From the wooden sign, key’s idea place card stand, program fan, customized table setting with show plate, napkin ring’s & candle decor. We even handmade vintage rustic boxes to enhance the rustic garden charm.

Ling & Aaron loves the outcome of their wedding design. We hope you will love it too.

All beautifully captured by Calvin Ng ckvin studio

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Photography by MOCCO

Wedding Cinematography by Crazy Monkey Studio

Bridal Makeup by Aivy Yong

Ceremony Celebrant host by Jason Jay

Cotton Candy Chic Wedding, Ric & Wooi

Many brides envision a memorable day with traditional sparkles- lush flowers, fancy food, ballroom chairs and, of course, her Mr.Right. Not to be missed, a perfect venue for the most important day of her life. Ric & Wooi have decided to held their wedding ceremony at Four Points by Sheraton Penang.

With the venue confirmed, here comes the fun part. It is time to plan and design the wedding. The lovely couple express their favourite colours-light blush pink and baby blue and favourite theme for their wedding ceremony. The combination of light blush pink and baby blue is indeed a great choice. It creates the perfect harmony. From the bridal bouquet to the chair covers, it is all the blend of these two lovely colours.

We suggested to pour in some vintage design element into the design to make the setting really pop. We added in some wooden cupboards, boxes and vintage frames into the design. We use some vintage elements to decorate the dessert table. A variety colours of dessert blends well with vintage elements as well as some flowers.

In order to make this day even more meaningful, there was a sand pouring ceremony. It is the pouring of two different coloured sands together. It is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom and the joining of their families.

Thank you Trinity Events Enterprise for on-site assisting & our Professional Bilingual Ceremony Celebrant Jason Jay

All beautifully captured by Calvin Ng by ckvin studio

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Whimsical Tiffany Blue & White, Mario & Monica

Magical, Sparkle, Whimsical– sometimes the idea for wedding starts with how you want it to feel, rather than how it look. For this wedding, Mario & Monica, had very strong ideas about the mood they want to establish. They want their guests to feel like they have entered into a magical and whimsical world. An ambience that is lovely and romantic.

We were so excited ! As this is our first ever whimsical theme wedding design. The lovely couple chose to held their wedding reception at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. With the mood and venue selected, it is now time to create a visual theme for the night that reflects the vision of the Mario & Monica.

We decides to combine the feel of winter white branches & crystal embellishment to create the whimsical charms. Using the winter color of white, silver & Tiffany blue to boost the overall of the atmosphere. We spray paint the tree branches & display on the mirror stand as walkway & hanging the crystal strands for the whimsical feel. In keeping with the elegance of the occasion, candle lights are used in the decoration of the main table.

The photos above are beautifully captured by Ckvin Studio, Penang.

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Little Red & Blue Riding Hood, Wina & Jeff

Navy Blue, Red– two contrast that has different mood and feeling. But when it is combined together, it looks perfect and balanced. The combination of two different colours is like the combination of two different individuals. When two personalities are bumped into each other, sometimes it creates the best chemistry, is just like Wina & Jeff.

Wina & Jeff decided to celebrate their love and union with a wonderfully diverse mix of colours- the navy blue and red. They decided to bring the wedding reception outdoor. There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to an outdoor wedding affair. The weather is the key issue, as you will not want to get soaking wet in your wedding gown. Luckily, for Wina & Jeff, it was a perfect sunny evening.

The sun is shining bright perfectly and so does the wedding decoration. It is set perfectly with the colour choice of navy blue and red. The program fan, guest table seating list, table place card are designed with the selected colours and theme. A bundle of rope used to hold the table numbers. The brown colour of rope is just the perfect balance for the colour of table number card. It makes it more pop. There is even preppy party props ready for the photo taking session.

It was not just a perfect sunny evening. It was a special and memorable evening that Wina & Jeff will never forget and we are honoured to be part of it.

Photo Courtesy of ckvin studio Calvin Ng

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Planning & Coordination by Trinity Events Enterprise

Decoration & Flora by Ohara Florist

Reviving Contemporary Wedding, Wei Qi & James

Make it big or have it small? It is always a tough decision to make to couples. Whether to make it bigger than ever, inviting hundreds of guests or have it small and shared your wedding celebration with those who mean the most to you. A small wedding can bring cost savings and as an additional benefit, can help alleviate the guilt of not inviting the long list of family members and acquaintances.

In the case of Wei Qi & James, they decides to have a small an intimate wedding. It is more like a reunion dinner than a huge ceremony.

The lovely couple decided to celebrate their love in Macalister Mansion Penang. It is rather small, but it is spacious enough to accommodate a night filled love and blessing.

Beautiful floral and mirror base decor are used to compliment the architectural building. Vibrant murals of the location are portrayed beautifully.

The couple’s favourite colour- coral and grey are implemented into the decoration design. The coral coloured flowers just pop up naturally contradicting with the white bakcground and setting. The brightly colour fills the environment with so much love, laughter and surprises!!!

All beautifully captured by Ckvin Studio ckvin studio

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Floral Design by Ohara Florist Ohara Florist

Ceremony host by Jason Jay Trinity Events Enterprise Trinity Events Enterprise