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Elegant China Blue Wedding, Jean Tee & Ken Moo

The wedding’s design & styling was inspired from the CHINA BLUE PORCELAIN ( The Willow Pattern ).

This classy and lavish pattern just turn so well blend when mixture with the neutral tone.

China Blue and White Wares” (Chinese: 青花; pinyin: qīng-huā; literally: “Blue flowers”)
Designate white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide.

17th century, numerous blue and white pieces were made as export porcelain for the European markets.
European symbols and scenes coexisted with Chinese scenes for these objects.
18th century export porcelain continued to be produced for the European markets.
As a result of the work of Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles however, an early example of industrial spying in
which the details of Chinese porcelain manufacture were transmitted to Europe,Chinese exports of porcelain
soon shrank considerably, especially by the end of the reign of the Qianlong Emperor.

By the beginning of the 17th century China blue and white porcelain was being exported directly to Europe.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, Oriental / china blue and white porcelain was highly prized in Europe and America and
sometimes enhanced by fine silver and gold mounts, it was collected by kings and princes.

The blue and white willow pattern.
Decorated with the persistence of the willow pattern that it is difficult to date the piece shown with any precision;
it is possibly quite recent but similar wares have been produced by English factories in huge numbers over long periods
and are still being made today.

So there you are, an Elegance China Blue with white is both romantic and chic, our favorite theme an elegance china blue & white wedding’s …..

All beautifully captured by Ckvin Studio, The International Destination Photographer

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

 Wedding Photography by Adam Ong Photography

 Wedding Cinematography by Moments by Gary Ngui

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Glamorous Great Gatsby, Vivian & Wei Sheng

Glamorous Great Gatsby symbolized from the motifs of recurring structures, contrasts, and literary devices that can help to develop and inform the text’s major themes. The vintage 1920s flapper styles like silky feathers, sparkling embellishments, jazzy dancing music and pearls.

The 1920s were the golden age in American history, also known as the Jazz Age. The flapper, Art Deco, the glitters, the glamorous, the romance all played a huge role throughout this decade. In a word,1920s keeps being a trend in wedding, and it keeps getting better, especially with all the gorgeous embellished dresses, flapper hairstyles, dramatic bow ties, flowing drinks, geometric shaped cakes are around at the moment. When it comes to wedding color, white, black and gold are the most popular and obvious color palette as they provide such a sense of class and glamorous.
Vivian & Wei Sheng first approached us saying that they would like to have a Great Gatsby themed wedding. We were so excited about it. We planned and design the whole wedding based on the theme. The result was better than we expected. The couple also were very satisfied with it and enjoyed themselves throughout the night.

Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography by Dennis Yap Photography

Wedding Cinematography by Moments by Gary Ngui

Makeup & Styling by Mimi Make up by Veron Voon

Master Of Ceremony – Jason Jay

Greatest Romance, Hong & Fyfy

The lovely couple made a long list of items they wanted for us when we first met. Possibly everything that is got to do will the fall seeason. From the theme colour choices to the flower bouquet, colours of the cupcakes toppings and props that is related to the season of fall.

We took the cue from Hong & Fyfy to create the entrance arch, table centerpiece and dessert table. The entrance arch decorated with maple leaves, flowers, apples, oranges and pine cones.It creates a grand fall looking entrance for both the groom and bride, as well as for the guests arrival.

We bought the fall feeling into the treatment of the table centerpiece. Fresh flowers, small wooden bucket, maple leaves, pine cones and candle lit creates the perfect fall feeling. The table numbering design were made using the same fall feeling canvas. It does not just made the table seating easier for the guests, it also adds more sense of fall season for the whole decoration.

We used vintage and new fabric flowers for the dessert table decorations. The long tables were lined with table cloth and table runners. On the table sat some small wooden cupboards, maple leaves, pine cones and delicious cupcakes. The dessert table is decorated with certain height and design, so guests could enjoy the tasteful desserts with ease. The overall affect was both rustic and fall looking, and therefore appealing to men and women alike.

The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. Hong & Fyfy have tie their knot. Now is the time for the love birds to follow where the wind blows and grow old together.

Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography by Anovia Bridal Studio

Wedding Cinematography by Motion In Style Cinematography

Makeup & Styling by Anovia Bridal Studio


Purple Vintage Glam, Ai Wei & Raymond

Many brides envision a memorable wedding day with traditional sparkles, lush flowers, fancy food, ballroom chairs and yes, even crystal chandeliers. Ai Wei dreamed of a glamorous vintage style wedding. She and Raymond did their research and chose an ideal location-Eastin Hotel Penang. The setting is picture-perfect for their wedding reception. There are ample spaces for us to transform the ballroom and foyer area to glamorous and vintage looking.

In keeping with the elegance of the occasion, we selected a small area at the foyer to showcase the love birds’ pre-wedding photos. Wooden photo frames to hold the beautifully shot photos, hanging on a vertical palette wood supporting with smaller palette woods on the floor. Big and small sizes of lanterns to add the sense of rustic style. Mason jars to hold fresh flowers adds in more colour to the small area. Fairy lights on the floor to glam up the photo corner.

Registration table is also another important criteria for a wedding. In this case, the registration table, of course, is also decorated based on the wedding theme. Decorated mason jars and wine bottles to hold fresh flowers. Wood log and a vintage luggage is used as main highlight on the table. Candles are used to light up the table. All these beautiful decorative items were sitting on rustic and vintage feeling table cloth and table runner.

Not to be missed, there was also a photo area for the guests to show their playful sides and take memorable memories. A customized photo backdrop is placed against the wall. Photographers were ready to start taking some memorable photos.

Forget the risks and take the fall. Ai Wei & Raymond has decided to fall in love together and venture into an adventuring into the future.

Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography by MOCCO

Wedding Cinematography by Motion In Style Cinematography

Makeup & Styling by GLAMOROUS by Michelle Lum –


True Love Adventure, Kavita & Kugan

Who and how many to invite to your wedding are always tough questions for you and your groom. Well, wedding should be shared with those who mean the most to you. Whether you invite two hundred guests or only twenty, the decision is ultimately yours.

Kavita & Kugan decided to held their wedding reception in a ballroom. A grand and spacious ballroom to cater their friends and loved ones who came to bless their union as a couple.

With the location secured, the fun of planning and designing begins. The bride shared her love of flowers and colours, so we suggested that we include this imagery candles and accessories. We commissioned a local florist to work on the flower arrangements and flower decorations.

The couple’s cheerful, lighthearted palette included hues that could express their outgoing and sweet personality- fuchsia pink and mint. Gold was used to complement the setting. Gold vase and chair sashes are implement in to the ballroom design.

The night could not be more perfect and merrier. Kavita & Kugan enjoyed themselves mingling around their friends and family. Music bands played their favourite songs to celebrate their love. The couple were enjoying the moment of their life.

Casa Amore | Simply Wedding Design |

Wedding Designed Theme by Casa Amore Wedding Studio

Wedding Photography by Alextan Artworks

Wedding Cinematography by Motion In Style Cinematography

Makeup & Styling by Cindi Pro Makeup Artist