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Casa Amore Founder

Ann is a friendly and energetic individual who loves arts, designs, and vibrant colorful things. She has a knack for crafting beautiful designs since young. Ann’s past work with florists in learning floral arrangement, picking up makeup skills, being a graphic design graduate, made her a well-rounded wedding planner thru her vast experiences in many details involving weddings. She has been planning wedding for almost 4 years and has started Casa Amore three years ago, after being inspired by a good friend who encourages her to make use of her knowledge and traits in helping couples to realize their dream weddings.

Ann loves sharing life and love moments with couples by helping them in forming wedding ideas and realizing their dream wedding. It is always inspirational for her to be able to share in their joy and laughter on their special day. She also enjoys making friends with her clients, constantly keeping in touch with them and continues the friendships even after their weddings.

As the owner of Casa Amore Wedding Studio, she is dedicated in making a name for Casa Amore as a professional wedding planning company, readily assisting you with all aspects of wedding planning processes. Engaging Ann to be your wedding planner will definitely bring you personalized experience and joyous moments on your wedding day as she continuously strive to help and realize your dream wedding.

‘Every wedding, to me, is like creating a piece of art, beginning from plain canvas to drafting the ideas and putting beautiful colors together. The best piece of art produced is when clients are satisfied and happy with the creation.

I hope every client will place their trusts in me in planning and coordinating their dream wedding, creating the best piece of art specially just for them. I put my best efforts in realizing their dream weddings as I love to share happy life moments with my clients, making friends with them and staying constantly in touch with them.’ — Ann